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Top 5 Baby Bottles 2024

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Welcome to our complete guide to the best baby bottles available on the market this year 2024. We are mums and midwives and we know that choosing the best bottle for your baby can be a daunting task, as the choice is staggering and each baby’s needs are unique. That’s why we’ve done a thorough research and comparison of the leading options to give you a clear and accurate picture.

In this guide, we will present you with a selection of the 5 best baby bottles that stand out for their innovation, comfort and safety. We know that your expectations are high and that you want the best for your little one. Whether you’re looking for a bottle that promotes breastfeeding, reduces colic, or accommodates your baby’s growth, you’ll find options here that perfectly suit your needs.

So, if you’re ready to explore the top choices in the world of baby bottles, read on. Your quest to find the best bottle for your little one starts here!

What was the best baby bottle 2023?

Determining the best baby bottle of 2023 is a task that requires consideration of multiple factors, as every baby and family has unique needs. Individual preferences, the baby’s stage of development, parental comfort and the specific characteristics of the bottles are crucial aspects of the choice. While some parents may prefer bottles that promote breastfeeding, others may focus on options designed to reduce colic or accommodate the baby’s growth. It is important to carefully research and compare the features of each bottle to determine which one best suits the needs of each family. Ultimately, the best bottle will depend on how it aligns with individual circumstances and personal preferences.

Direct 29 Dec- Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottle 2024, list created by midwives

As the year 2024 progresses, in our role as midwives and mums, we present you with a hand-picked list of the best baby bottles available on the market. We understand how crucial it is to make an informed decision when choosing the best bottle for your baby, which is why we have evaluated each option based on a number of key criteria that we believe are fundamental to parents’ decisions. The order in this list has been determined by the scores obtained on these criteria, thus ensuring an objective presentation based on the available information.

Criteria best baby bottle table 2024

  • Acceptance Rate: We consider the resemblance of the bottle to each mother’s breast, as well as the monitoring that is carried out to ensure maximum acceptance for both baby and mother.
  • Colic Prevention: We evaluate the effectiveness of the anti-colic systems in each bottle and their ability to reduce baby’s discomfort during feeding.
  • Protection of Breastfeeding: We analyse how each bottle prevents the confusing factor between the bottle teat and the mother’s nipple, thus ensuring the protection and continuity of breastfeeding.
  • Comfort and Ease of Use: We examined the overall ergonomics of the bottle, its ease of cleaning and dishwasher compatibility, as well as assessing the simplicity of assembly, to provide parents with a convenient and practical experience.
  • Safe Materials: We prioritise bottles made of non-toxic materials that are safe for babies, guaranteeing their health and well-being during feeding.
  • Heat resistance: We evaluate the compatibility of each bottle with sterilisers, bottle warmers and microwave ovens to ensure durability and long-lasting usefulness.

Top 5 baby bottles for 2024

Best baby bottles

We have taken these fundamental criteria into consideration to provide you with a reliable and comprehensive guide to help you choose the best bottle for your baby. We recognise that every baby and family is unique, so we encourage you to explore each option and select the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Informed decision-making is essential to provide your baby with a comfortable, safe and enjoyable feeding experience.

Happymami custom-designed bottle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(6 points/ 6 possible)

A unique concept that is revolutionising the world of baby bottles. A project created by Spanish midwives that allows each mother to design a bottle as representative of her breast as possible.

Happymami acceptance rate

Undoubtedly the most widely accepted bottle on the market for both breastfeeding and formula feeding for three reasons.

  1. You design the bottle that is most representative of your breast, so that your baby’s feedings are as close as possible to your breastfeeding. If you do not breastfeed, you design with your baby’s needs in mind.
  2. When you receive your custom-designed Happymami, you receive guidelines on how to give the feedings.
  3. A free chat is available via whatsapp with the midwifery team in case your baby does not accept it, studying your case, where they can even ask for a video if necessary and see where the solution lies.

Happymami Colic Prevention

All Happymamis teats have an integrated double anti-colic system for the best results.

  • Work in any position
  • Easy to clean, as no additional parts or special brushes are required for cleaning.
  • You can easily see the amount of milk, unlike using a bag that collects the milk.

Breastfeeding protection Happymami

A unique bottle for each unique mum, a revolutionary concept that prevents your baby from the confounding factor, protecting your breastfeeding. Because not all breasts are the same, using a custom-designed bottle will better protect your breastfeeding.

Comfort and Ease of Use Happymami

Easy to use, ergonomically designed with a wide mouth so you can put your whole hand inside to clean it. No additional parts to make cleaning difficult, fully dishwasher safe.

Happymami Safe Materials

Both the teat and cup are made of the highest quality medical grade silicone. Free of BPA, BPS, BPF and if dropped it won’t break like glass might.

Happymami heat resistance.

Heat resistant, bottle warmer, steriliser and microwave. Everything is designed to make this maternal stage easier for you.

Suavinex ZeroZero ⭐⭐⭐⭐🚫🚫 (4 POINTS / 6 POSSIBLE)

Within the Suavinex range of baby bottles, we highlight the ZeroZero. A reference in novelty with many strong points that make it a very interesting bottle.

Acceptance rate Suavinex ZeroZero

The design of the teat, which is more elongated than conventional teats and with a convex base, makes this bottle different to say the least. In terms of acceptance, being a generic bottle different from your breast and with such a long teat, the stimulation of your baby’s palate will probably be different, making acceptance difficult. In addition, they have no post or pre-purchase follow-up, leaving the mother behind after the purchase of the bottle.

Suavinex ZeroZero colic prevention

With a very interesting proposal, the ZeroZero bottles have a bag inside, into which we pour the milk, prevents air from entering and contracts as the baby sucks.

Please note, this bag does not show how much milk is left, and the material turns yellow in a short period of time.

Suavinex ZeroZero Breastfeeding Protection

With such a long teat there is a lot of stimulation on the baby’s palate, so if you have a smaller nipple your baby may suffer from the fuss factor, affecting your breastfeeding.

Suavinex ZeroZero Comfort and Ease of Use

Ergonomic design, with a slanted teat that makes feeding comfortable. Easy to clean, except for the anti-colic pouch which needs express cleaning and turns yellow easily.

Suavinex ZeroZero Safe Materials

Teat made of 100% medical grade silicone, totally safe for the baby. The vessel is rigid.

Suavinex ZeroZero Heat resistance

Compatible with bottle warmers, sterilizers and microwaves.

Philips Avent Natural Response ⭐⭐⭐⭐🚫🚫 (4 POINTS / 6 POSSIBLE)

This is the new version of the Philips Avent Natural bottle, focused on maintaining the texture they had and adding a variable flow, making it a very interesting current when it comes to choosing a bottle. Let’s take a closer look!

Acceptance rate Philips Avent Natural Response.

This is a generic bottle with a wide, soft and flexible teat. A design that seeks to mimic the shape of the breast, but offers a single nipple shape that makes it difficult to adapt to every situation, and as we well know 60% of babies will reject generic bottles and 50% of babies who tolerate them will lose their breastfeeding. They have no post or pre-purchase follow-up, leaving the mom behind after the bottle purchase.

Colic prevention Philips Avent Natural Response

Philips Avent’s previous designs were based on anti-colic devices, which required brushes and additional parts. But in this case they go back to the simple and equally functional, a valve in the nipple that works just like other more complex systems. It is true that the valve is in only one position, which “forces” us to always feed with the bottle in the correct position.

Philips Avent Natural Response Breastfeeding Protection

To prevent the nipple-nipple confusion factor in newborns, it is best to use the bottle that is most similar to the mother’s breast in each case, so this generic model will not be suitable for such a case.

Comfort and Ease of Use Philips Avent Natural Response

Available in several sizes, it can be adapted to every situation, and the change of the anti-colic system, making it easier and more useful, keeps them in a good line.

Philips Avent Natural Response Safe Materials

Nipple made of BPA-free silicone, rigid cup.

Heat resistance Philips Avent Natural Response

Compatible with bottle warmers, sterilizers and microwaves.


Within the Nuk brand, we highlight its model Nature Sense Silicone glass and can be a good choice as a bottle.

Acceptance rate Nuk Nature Sense Silicone

It is a generic, wide and flexible nipple, characterized by its contour and the end of its nipple, which make it very different from what a normal nipple would be. This added to its generic status does not make it more acceptable to babies than other bottles.

Nuk Nature Sense Silicone Colicone Prevention

It has a ventilation system called “Nuk anti-colic air system” integrated in the teat, easy to clean, works properly and does not require special parts or brushes. The only thing is that since it is in a unique position, the bottle must be placed in that position for it to work. But the shape of the bottle nipple itself reorients you to use it in this position.

Nuk Nature Sense Silicone Breastfeeding Protection

If your breast is not like the bottle nipple and does not stimulate your baby the way the “propped” end of the nipple does, there is a significant risk that your baby will suffer from the confusion factor by losing your breastfeeding. It has a flow system with multiple orifices in an attempt to resemble the maternal ducts, with different flow rates.

Comfort and Ease of Use Nuk Nature Sense Silicone

Wide-necked bottle for easy filling and cleaning, with protective cap, easy to use. The “First Choice latex” version has a very useful temperature control, especially when we are first-time users, and it eventually stops working properly, but it helps a lot at the beginning.

Safe materials Nuk Nature Sense Silicone

Rigid bottle cup made of high quality polypropylene, resistant, durable and BPA free. It has a protective cap to prevent spillage. There is also a latex First Choice option, with a latex nipple.

Heat resistance Nuk Nature Sense Silicone

Compatible with bottle warmers, sterilizers and microwaves


It is a bottle recognized by all, with a characteristic design, which we are going to evaluate below.

Acceptance rate Chicco Natural Feeling

Chicco has followed the trend of the baby bottles The inclined generic nipple, an innovation in its day, has not been entirely successful since, apart from being a generic nipple different from your breast, the inclined shape causes the baby to latch on differently from the breast, making it difficult for it to be accepted.

Chicco Natural Feeling Colic Prevention

It has a double anti-colic valve on each side of the nipple, which helps prevent air swallowing, reducing colic. Easy to clean and works in any position.

Chicco Natural Feeling Breastfeeding Protection

Based on the assumption that we are talking about a generic teat that produces a greater rejection of the breast, on their website they do not mention to protect breastfeeding, moreover. It is true that personally when a brand talks about the “transition from breast to bottle” it really makes you think that they were not thinking about protecting breastfeeding.

Chicco Natural Feeling Comfort and Ease of Use

Wide-mouth bottle, easy to clean, with an inclined nipple that will allow you to feed easily, favoring a correct position of the baby’s neck.

Chicco Natural Feeling Safe Materials

It has a rigid cup and the material of the teat is 100% hygienic and flexible silicone, with non-slip texture, BPA free, the cup is made of rigid polypropylene.

Chicco Natural Feeling heat resistance

Compatible with bottle warmers, sterilizers and microwaves

Which bottle do pediatricians recommend, the best bottle?

Pediatricians generally do not recommend a specific brand of bottle, recognizing that the choice of the right bottle depends on the individual needs of the baby and the preferences of the parents. Rather than recommending a particular brand, pediatricians often provide guidance on the features parents should look for when choosing a bottle, such as anti-colic systems, nipples as close to each mother’s breast as possible, avoiding generic ones, and safe materials.

Pediatricians can also offer recommendations based on the baby’s health needs. For example, if a baby has colic problems, a pediatrician may suggest a bottle specifically to reduce colic.

Which is the best brand of baby bottles?

The choice of the best bottle brand is subjective and may depend on the individual needs and preferences of parents and babies. There are many well-known brands on the market that offer a wide range of baby bottles with different characteristics. What may work for one family or baby may not be the best choice for another.

In this post we have talked about 5 well-known brands, but to write it we have reviewed almost all the available options. As you have seen, each of these brands has its own unique strengths and characteristics.

It is important to consider factors such as breastfeeding compatibility, colic prevention, ease of cleaning, ergonomics and safety when choosing a bottle brand. In addition, personal preferences and your baby’s specific needs will also play an important role in the choice.

Which bottle most resembles the nipple?

Every mom is unique, and has a particular breast and nipple shape, so the most nipple-like bottle is the custom-designed Happymami. This way you can obtain the most representative bottle of your anatomy, preventing the confusion factor, protecting your breastfeeding.

How we select the best baby bottle 2024

To make the selection of the best baby bottle 2024, we have conducted an exhaustive and comparative analysis of the options available on the market. Our priority is to provide you with accurate and objective information to help you make an informed decision that suits the needs of your baby and your family. Here are some key reasons behind our selection:

Variety of Options

We have included a variety of bottles from well-known brands and with different features to address the diverse needs of parents and babies.

In-depth Research

We have thoroughly researched the technical features, innovations and technologies behind each bottle to provide a detailed and accurate assessment.

Expert Opinions

We have taken into account the opinions and recommendations of experts in pediatrics, midwives and other child health professionals to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the bottles.

Experiences of Mothers and Fathers

We have reviewed reviews and opinions from real parents who have used these bottles with their babies, giving us a practical perspective on their performance in real-life situations.

Innovation and Technology

We have valued the innovation and unique features that each bottle offers, such as anti-colic systems, nipples designed to mimic the mother’s nipple and safe materials.

Brand Reputation

We have considered the reputation and history of the brands behind the bottles, making sure to include trusted options with a history of quality.

Compatibility and Adaptability

We have evaluated how each bottle adapts to different stages of baby’s growth and changing needs.

Breastfeeding protection

We have prioritized those bottles that are designed to be compatible with breastfeeding and that minimize the risk of nipple confusion. This approach to breastfeeding protection is critical to ensure that mothers can make informed decisions and feel supported in their feeding choices for their babies.

Convenience and Ease of Use

We have taken into account the comfort for parents, such as ease of cleaning, ergonomics and simplicity of assembly.

Safety and Materials

We have assessed product safety, ensuring that the bottles are made of non-toxic materials and are safe for baby’s use.

Responding to Consumer Needs

We have considered how each bottle addresses common parental needs and concerns, such as preventing colic, adapting to different types of milk, and transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Ultimately, our selection is based on providing you with valuable and balanced information so that you can make the best decision for your baby and your unique situation. Remember that what works for one baby may not be equally effective for another, so it is important to evaluate your own needs and preferences when making your final decision.

Conclusion 5 best baby bottles 2024

As you have seen, we are fortunate to have many good and interesting bottle options. The ideal is to have this information, think about your individual situation, what you need and get it. And you can always count on us to help you.

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[Lactancia Materna] 

Sabemos que durante la toma se produce una elongación del pezón, y la hemos tenido en cuenta durante el desarrollo de nuestras tetinas. Selecciona el pezón con el que te sientas más representada previo a la toma. 

Y por último, si usas pezoneras ten en cuenta el tamaño de la pezonera. 




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Si das lactancia materna sigue las pautas con la marca:

[Lactancia Materna]

Si das biberón de forma exclusiva sigue las pautas con la marca:

[Biberón Exclusivamente]

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[B] Escogemos el flujo según la edad del bebé.

Recuerda que si vas a usar cereales, tienen una densidad mayor a la leche líquida, por eso tenemos disponible un flujo exclusivo para cereales y/o papillas


[LM] Existen corrientes de usar un flujo menor correspondiente a la edad del bebé.

Con Happymami no hace falta, nosotras para desarrollar nuestros Happymamis estudiamos la lactancia materna en su conjunto. La eyección de leche materna, el flujo de salida en cada etapa, la succión del bebé, las necesidades del bebé…. Y a partir de ahí desarrollamos nuestros flujos.

Entonces si tú tienes un bebé de 4 meses y le pones un flujo para bebés de 2 meses, lo que probablemente tenga más riesgo es que tu bebé rechace el biberón.

Por eso nuestra recomendación es que cojas el flujo que le corresponde por edad, y sigas las pautas que te daremos al realizar tu compra para que tu bebé coja el biberón sin afectar a tu lactancia materna.


[B] Si tu bebé sufre muchos cólicos necesitamos un biberón con un sellado total, que corresponde a la inclinación pronunciada. Por el contrario, usaremos una inclinación media, para casos aislados de cólicos. Y una inclinación suave en casos especiales indicados por nuestras matronas.


[LM] Puedes ponerte de perfil y observarte el pecho.

  • ¿Tienes un pecho totalmente plano? cogemos inclinación suave.
  • Si acaba totalmente en punta, escoge inclinación pronunciada.
  • O si más bien es redondito, inclinación media.

Si tienes dudas entre cualquier forma y redondeado, nuestro consejo es que cojas la inclinación media que corresponde al redondeado.


[Biberón exclusivamente] Si es el primer biberón que vas a usar desde el nacimiento, nuestra recomendación es que escojas un pezón medio.Por otra parte, si tu bebé ha usado ya otros biberones y los rechaza, o si al usar el chupete le genera muchos ascos y arcadas a tu bebé escogeremos pezón pequeño.

Guía medir pezón HM

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Y por último, si usas pezoneras ten en cuenta el tamaño de la pezonera.