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Exclusive bottle for artificial feeding

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You will receive bottle-feeding guidelines and other maternity guides.

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How does it work?

Offer your baby the best bottle for bottle feeding

We are midwives and we will help you! The main thing to consider when breastfeeding is your baby’s needs. Each baby is different and adapting will be crucial to avoid possible problems such as the dreaded colic or refusal of the bottle.

In addition, our Happymami bottles have been developed after 3 years of R & D research looking for the best bottle option that your baby can take to the mouth.

necesidades bebe

We know your baby's needs

flujo tetina

We design the bottle for your baby

diseño biberon

You will get the best bottle for you and your baby.

We are here to support you on your journey in motherhood!

We are here to support you on your journey in motherhood!!! We understand the challenges involved and want to be your partner in this process. We would like to offer you some valuable tips to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  1. First, it is important to avoid the use of generic bottles. According to the data, 60% of babies who try a generic bottle end up rejecting it completely. And the truth is that it’s hard, when you see that the baby doesn’t take the bottle and loses weight or you need to go back to work.

That is why we decided as midwives to work to provide an individual option to help each mother in her specific situation. In addition, we will be by your side, providing you with the support and guidance necessary for you and your baby to achieve your goals.

The most complete bottle

Compatible with breast milk, formula and cereals

safe for your baby


Double anti-colic system

Heat resistant
(Bottle warmers - Microwave)

Easy to clean
(Dishwashers - Sterilizers)

What mothers who have already tried HappyMami have to say

Laia Lamor
Read More
Great! My daughter's first bottle after trying many bottles and other techniques. Professional people who care that everything goes well and help you in case your baby does not take a bottle.
Carmen Jurado Reinado
Read More
In love with this bottle! I didn't breastfeed my baby, but he didn't take the bibis well either, he never finished them and he ate less and less... since I gave him these to try, it has been magic! It is already a rare day that leaves bibi! He loves it and relaxes a lot!
Linda Zuccolo
Read More
My baby would not take a bottle. We have put ourselves in the hands of the Happymami midwives and he is now happy drinking my milk from a bottle. Until we did not succeed, they were by our side, helping, supporting, advising and, why not, giving us strength and encouragement to keep trying. Thank you for everything!

Frequently asked questions about breastfeeding

With a formula fed baby, opting for a custom designed bottle will allow you to offer your baby the bottle that best stimulates the palate, that best seals the lips to prevent colic, etc. In conclusion, you have the opportunity to design the best bottle for your unique baby.
Write by whatsapp free of charge to our midwives who will advise you on your case, to make the best design.

When breastfeeding, it is ideal to have at least two bottles with the same flow rate.

The reason for taking two bottles is based on the convenience you will gain by always having one bottle clean while there is another to clean.

Remember that bottles, whatever the brand, European regulations and scientific guidelines recommend changing them every 3 months for biosafety reasons.

For a baby who has been exclusively bottle-fed since birth, he or she will have received all bottle feedings at the hospital and when you arrive you can continue the same feeding pattern.

In these cases, it will be ideal to have a jar of type 1 milk ready at home (the one you trust the most) since they all work, the differences between one and the other are not so important and if the taste that your baby has now the first days his innate reflexes are very strong, but as they grow these reflexes become voluntary and perhaps the milk he was drinking in the hospital he does not like and begins to reject the bottle.

The same will happen with the bottle. Many times in the hospital we offer babies generic nipples donated by commercial companies, and when you get home, you look for the bottle you have been using (the same brand) because the same nipples are not usually marketed. And after a while the baby refuses the bottle. For this purpose, it would be ideal to offer your baby a Happymami bottle, with which you will get the bottle your baby needs.

If, on the other hand, you want to offer exclusive bottle feeding to your baby after breastfeeding, we recommend a gradual transition that allows your baby to get used to the new feeding and also allows your breast to adapt to the lower production, preventing mastitis.

In this case, it will be ideal to create the most representative bottle of your anatomy in order to increase the baby’s acceptance rates.

If you need to prepare bottles prior to feedings, the storage time is 24 hours in the refrigerator, and after use the used milk should be thrown away.

Each case is different, but in a generic way, all formula milks have passed the regulatory criteria for their commercialization, so all of them would be suitable for your baby. Special formula preparations are available depending on whether your baby does not tolerate formula well. And above all, the big difference will be in the taste of the milk, which may cause your baby to reject the formula because he doesn’t like it.

Our midwives,
with you at all times

As midwives, offering you the best solution in your individual case and based on scientific evidence is our priority. We work every day with thousands of mothers helping them with their mixed breastfeeding and we want to do the same with you.

During the design process you can contact us through whatsapp (totally free). In addition, after receiving your bottle you will receive guidelines on how to feed your baby, and if you need extra advice with your bottle and mixed breastfeeding, do not hesitate, we will be happy to help you.

All our profession at your service to achieve your best mixed breastfeeding!

Your bottle for
Mixed Breastfeeding

A recognised and award-winning breastfeeding project

Thousands of mothers have already protected their baby’ sbreastfeeding with their made-to-measure Happymami.

A milestone that has led us to be worthy of major national awards.

Thank you! We will continue to work every day to offer you the best

mejor biberon

We are now with you and your baby!
Your mixed breastfeeding will be our greatest success.

Guia forma pecho tallas 2022
Guías tallas 2 centímetros

[Lactancia Materna] 

Sabemos que durante la toma se produce una elongación del pezón, y la hemos tenido en cuenta durante el desarrollo de nuestras tetinas. Selecciona el pezón con el que te sientas más representada previo a la toma. 

Y por último, si usas pezoneras ten en cuenta el tamaño de la pezonera. 




¡Hola soy Alba! El holograma real de una de nuestras matronas y voy a acompañarte durante todo el proceso de diseño ¡Encantada de conocerte!

Recuerda que el diseño serán 5 pasos y en cada paso encontrarás distintas opciones entre las que irás deslizando para encontrar tu diseño perfecto.

Si das lactancia materna sigue las pautas con la marca:

[Lactancia Materna]

Si das biberón de forma exclusiva sigue las pautas con la marca:

[Biberón Exclusivamente]

1º Tipo de pezón

2º Inclinación de la tetina

3º Velocidad del flujo

4ºCapacidad del Vaso

5ºDale Color

Si tienes dudas con tu diseño puedes contactarnos por WhatsApp para que te ayudemos.

biberon ipad happymami

[B] Escogemos el flujo según la edad del bebé.

Recuerda que si vas a usar cereales, tienen una densidad mayor a la leche líquida, por eso tenemos disponible un flujo exclusivo para cereales y/o papillas


[LM] Existen corrientes de usar un flujo menor correspondiente a la edad del bebé.

Con Happymami no hace falta, nosotras para desarrollar nuestros Happymamis estudiamos la lactancia materna en su conjunto. La eyección de leche materna, el flujo de salida en cada etapa, la succión del bebé, las necesidades del bebé…. Y a partir de ahí desarrollamos nuestros flujos.

Entonces si tú tienes un bebé de 4 meses y le pones un flujo para bebés de 2 meses, lo que probablemente tenga más riesgo es que tu bebé rechace el biberón.

Por eso nuestra recomendación es que cojas el flujo que le corresponde por edad, y sigas las pautas que te daremos al realizar tu compra para que tu bebé coja el biberón sin afectar a tu lactancia materna.


[B] Si tu bebé sufre muchos cólicos necesitamos un biberón con un sellado total, que corresponde a la inclinación pronunciada. Por el contrario, usaremos una inclinación media, para casos aislados de cólicos. Y una inclinación suave en casos especiales indicados por nuestras matronas.


[LM] Puedes ponerte de perfil y observarte el pecho.

  • ¿Tienes un pecho totalmente plano? cogemos inclinación suave.
  • Si acaba totalmente en punta, escoge inclinación pronunciada.
  • O si más bien es redondito, inclinación media.

Si tienes dudas entre cualquier forma y redondeado, nuestro consejo es que cojas la inclinación media que corresponde al redondeado.


[Biberón exclusivamente] Si es el primer biberón que vas a usar desde el nacimiento, nuestra recomendación es que escojas un pezón medio.Por otra parte, si tu bebé ha usado ya otros biberones y los rechaza, o si al usar el chupete le genera muchos ascos y arcadas a tu bebé escogeremos pezón pequeño.

Guía medir pezón HM

[LM] Necesito que midas la longitud de tu pezón antes de la toma, [GUÍA PARA MEDIR PEZÓN].   

Sabemos que durante la toma se produce una elongación del pezón, y la hemos tenido en cuenta durante el desarrollo de nuestras tetinas. Por eso se tomaron justo esos parámetros de la medida del pezón antes de realizar la toma

Y por último, si usas pezoneras ten en cuenta el tamaño de la pezonera.